Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-367(ER) B-KPM

Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-367(ER) (36159/835) B-KPM - New Livery
(Scale: 1/400 - JC Wings - Released 2015)
(Photo by Michael Carter) 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Latest Addition to my 787 Collection

This gorgeous lady arrived today sporting leasing company, International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) markings. This is a very welcome addition to my 787 collection!
(Photos by Michael Carter)

New Gemini Jet Releases

Gemini Jets 1/400

Alitalia A320-200 EI-DTJ 
British Airways B 777-300 G-STBG
British Airways Concorde G-BOAC
Delta Connection / ExpressJet Airlines CRJ700 N611QX
Emirates A380-800 A6-EEI 
Etihad Airways B 777-300 A6-ETA
GOL Transportes Aeroes B 737-800 PR-GXZ
Japan Air Self Defense Force YS-11 NA
United Express / ExpressJet Airlines ERJ-145 N14923
US Airways 3000 NA 
US Airways 3000 NA
Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster CB-8003
Gemini Jets 1/200
Eastern Airlines B 737-800 N276EA
KLM Cityhopper ERJ-190 PH-EZA
Lufthansa B 747-8 D-ABYO
Philippines - Philippine Airlines DHC-8-400 RP-C3031
Texas International DC-9-10 N1307T
United States Air Force C-130 Hercules 48152
Virgin America A320-200 N361VA

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Latest Phoenix Models 1/400 announcements

Airbus Industries A320-200 F-WWBA

FAT Far Eastern Air Transport MD-80 B-28021

FAT Far Eastern Air Transport MD-80 B-28025

Turkish Airlines B 737-800 TC-JGH

Qatar Airways A320-200 A7-AHL

China Southwest Airlines A340-300 B-2390

Egypt Air B 777-300 SU-GDR

China Southern Airlines A300-600 B-2316

Etihad Airways B 777-200 A6-LRC
Air China B 777-300 B-2047
China Airlines A330-300 B-18358

Malaysia B 777-200 9M-MRQ

China Southern Airlines MD-80 B-2134

Kenya Airways B 787-800 5Y-KZA
Danish Air Transport MD-80 OY-RUE
Air China B 767-300 B-2499

Thai Airways International A380-800 HS-TUF

ANA All Nippon Airways B 787-900 JA830A
WestJet B 737-800 C-GWSZ
Lufthansa B 747-8 D-ABYO
Lufthansa A321-200 D-AIDG

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Witty Wings 1/400 Announcements

Orient Thai Airlines B 747-300 HS-TUN

Alitalia B 777-200 EI-DBK

Aeroflot IL-76 RA-76478
Rolls-Royce B 747-200 N787RR
LOT Polish Airlines B 767-300 SP-LPE
Air China B 747-400 B-2443
Air China B 747-400 B-2458
Korean Air B 747-400 HL7492
Korean Air B 747-400 HL7485
Lufthansa B 747-200 D-ABYR
Lufthansa B 747-200 D-ABZF
Singapore Airlines DC-10-30 9V-SDB
Singapore Airlines A380-800 9V-SKS
EVA Air B 777-300 B-16716

Air Europa B 737-800 EC-JHK

Turkish Airlines B 737-900 TC-JYJ

China Southern Airlines B 737-700 B-5285

Shenzhen Airlines B 737-900 B-5105

Aeromexico B 787-800 N965AM

New Inflight200 Announcements

Ansett Australia B 727-100 VH-RMT
PeoplExpress B 737-100 N415PE
Air Philippines B 737-200 RP-C8003
Swissair CV-990 HB-ICE

Swissair DC-10-30 HB-IHI
Swissair DC-10-30 HB-IHH


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seattle Seahawks 747-87UF/SCD N770BA

Boeing 747-87UF/SCD (37564/1437) N770BA "Seattle Seahawks" livery
(Scale: 1/400 - Phoenix - Released 2014)
(Photo by Michael Carter)